Notary - Business Card
Rosegold; 34 pt matte paper; Debossing
This client came to me with a problem that needed resolving.
She had done her business cards on her own and was far from
satisfied with the final product she received. 

I met up with her and went over her personality, what she was looking for, what described her best.
I believe these types of pieces need to reflect the customer themselves in some type of way
without removing the look and feel she wanted to share with her own clients.

Modern | Luxurious | Rosegold
Simplicity | Young | Confidence

The notary logo had to be on the business card, even that had it's own set of rules.
Thankfully she provided me with the rules guide and I was able to follow them to a T.

Its always wonderful to create something and see the look on my clients face when she receives her cards.
She was entirely satisfied with the work.

I've added some of my work files bellow, they give an idea of how I got about creating things.
 I did go with Illustrator for this job, I enjoy working with text in illustrator when its in small amounts.

Indesign stays my goto for layout design, but not with this type of work that has debossing in it.

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